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Prints of the La Niņa,
on which Christopher Columbus sailed.

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(February 05, 2006)
On the St. Johns river in Palatka, Florida.

A replica of the Niņa (based upon theory; there is no known contemporary likenesses of this ship) now sails around the world. The 4-masted replica Niņa was built 1988-1991 by engineer and naval researcher John Patrick Sarsfield, British naval historian Jonathan Morton Nance, and a group of master shipbuilders in Bahia, Brazil who were still using design and construction techniques dating back to the 15th century. They built it from heavy, teredo-resistant Brazilian hardwoods using only adzes, axes, hand saws, and chisels. The sails were designed by Nance using square main sails and two aft lateen sails as were used by ships of this size at the end of the 15th century. The crew of the Niņa say that it can make about 5-7 knots, which is quicker than older designs of the era. The replica weighs 75 tons.

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